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Daniel Radcliffe discusses #Brexit, favorite life moments, more
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Friday, 24 June 2016 00:01

While promoting the release of Swiss Army Man, Privacy and Now You See Me 2, Daniel Radcliffe chatted to various press about his thoughts on the EU Referendum, his favourite moments in life, and much more.

Brexit is really scary. I obviously want us to stay. There are economic reasons — but the main reason is that in this era, divided we fall. C'mon guys, let's stick together. The idea of nationhood is one that I can kind of take or leave. I am very proud of being English and I'm very proud of everything England is giving the world that I am associated with.

Some favourite moments: 

That time he had a religious moment at a music festival

"I saw the Arctic Monkeys at the Reading Festival in 2006. It was in that time between when their album actually came out, but after everyone had illegally downloaded their album, and so they were booked in the smallest tent at the festival, because they weren't officially a bigger name, but everyone was going in there to see them. I was in a tent meant for like 5,000 people and there were 20,000 people in there listening to their first album. I won't forget that.